Simple Tips To Keep Your Custom National Flag In Top Shape

Every country has a national flag and if you are patriotic enough, then you want to put in measures possible to ensure that your national flag of choice remains in good shape. Flags are living emblems and they need to be treated with respect. A national flag that looks neglected can ruin the image of a company or individual showcasing and there is therefore a need to accord the national flag the care that it truly deserves. Below are simple but very helpful tips to ensure that your national flag remains in top shape like it should.

1. Protect the flag from fading. Using a custom flag outdoors means that it will definitely get exposed to the sun and over time it is bound to fade. To reduce or prevent fading, try and use UV fabric protector to create a protective layer on the fabric. The spray does not only protect it from fading, but also suspends dirt so you have a very easy time cleaning the flag after a while. If you store it away, then choose a dark, dry place with no lighting.

2. Lower your flag in harsh, windy conditions. Remember that weather conditions can determine the life of the flag and hence you should put in measures to offer some sort of protection. It would also be wise to lower the flag at night because you can never be sure how the weather may change when you sleep.

3. Inspect and repair the flag as appropriate. Flags just like any other fabric suffer wear and tear after some time. Inspecting the national flag on a regular basis is the simplest way of knowing when there is an issue that needs to be taken care off. Repair worn areas before they become major problems. Fraying is a bad sign and should not be left unattended; trim the edges and re-hem so you have a nicer looking flag for longer. Small holes should also be fixed in time before then widen.

4. Think about where you want to hang your flag. This is the simplest way of keeping damages in the flag minimal. Hanging your flag in close proximity to buildings, trees and rough patches increase damage risk, especially because the wind will eventually blow it onto these areas. Allocate a free space to hang and fly your national flag without risk of damage.

5. Wash the flag as appropriate. Accumulation of dirt and pollutants is inevitable when a flag hangs outside. Washing saves it and you should use mild detergents that are suitable enough for the type of fabric your flag is made of. Gentle detergents will keep the flag colors vibrant and at the same time achieve a thorough clean. Avoid dry cleaning the flag because it damaged the fibers and always let the flag dry on flat surface to prevent bleeding colors all over it. Let the fabric guide you through the cleaning process to get the best results in maintaining the flag.

A custom national flag is an exciting addition to any given space. When you know how to maintain your flag, you will enjoy it for a long time to come still vibrant and functional.

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